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company profile



       Road Environment Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on September 22, 2020. The stock abbreviation is "Road Environment" and the stock code is 688156.



     Road Environment is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and industrial application of advanced environmental protection technology, focusing on water environment management and solid waste reduction, harmlessness, stabilization and resource utilization. After years of development, Road Environment becomes the professional solution provider in the fields of engineering mud, municipal sludge, industrial slag, and industrial sewage.





      The company has a sound R&D system for technological innovation, with first-class qualification for professional contracting of environmental engineering, Hubei Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Hubei Provincial Engineering Research Center and other R&D innovation platforms. It has successively won 2 National Torch Program, 4 National Key New Products, 4 Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards, 10 Science and Technology Achievements of Hubei Province, 150 National Patents (including 21 Invention Patents) and many other honorary awards.


       Create all the way and grow all the way. The company practices the ecological civilization thoughts of " Clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver. " and "Landscapes, forests, fields and lakes are a community of life", and devotes itself to the cause of green environmental protection. Up to now, more than 30 river and lake sludge and engineering mud solidification treatment centers have been operated, and nearly 30 million cubic meters of river and lake sludge and engineering mud have been treated in Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places. And the treated mud cakes have been utilized to prepare engineering backfill, green planting soil, new energy-saving wall materials, etc., effectively solve the way out of mud cakes and realizing "zero discharge" of solid waste.

       在食品饮料糟渣领域,公司在赤水河畔、黄淮酿酒带等地建成了酒糟资源化利用工厂,实现有机糟渣的综合处置及资源化利用,酒糟年处理能力40万吨以上。产品倍肽德酵母培养物兼具营养、功能特性,能有效缓解各类应激引发的消化功能障碍、提高免疫力、促进肠道微生态平衡。从根本上解决酿 酒丢糟带来的环境污染、养殖安全问题,打造白酒循环经济产业链。

        In the field of industrial lees, the company has built a distiller's lees resource utilization plant on bank of Chishui River to realize the comprehensive disposal and resource utilization of organic lees. The annual processing capacity of distiller's lees is more than 400,000 tons. The product Peptidetech yeast culture has both nutritional and functional properties, which can effectively relieve digestive dysfunction caused by various stresses, improve immunity, and promote intestinal microecological balance,thus to fundamentally solve the environmental pollution and breeding safety problems caused by the waste of brewing lees, and create a liquor circular economy industrial chain.







       The company has maintained long-term cooperation with Three Gorges Group, China State Construction, China Railway Construction, Moutai Group, New Hope Group, etc., and has achieved great environmental, social and economic benefits. In the future, with the help of the capital market, Road Environment will stay true to its original aspirations, forge ahead, continue to improve its professional capabilities, and implement "to protect the Yangtze River together and promote high-quality development" to help build a waste-free city, improve environmental quality, and assist realizing circular economy. Promote green and low-carbon development and create a better tomorrow for water environment and solid waste management.


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